In this post, Learn Sublime Text editor short cuts

In Sublime text, We have inbuilt short cuts as well as can create a custom shortcut keys bindings.

Sublime text short cut keys

The following are general shortcuts that are available in all versions of Eclipse.

Shortcut Description
Sublime File Shortcut commands
Ctrl + N New file
Ctrl + O Open a file
Ctrl + S Save all files
Ctrl + Shift+S
Ctrl + Shift+N
Ctrl + Shift+W
Ctrl + W Close a File
Sublime Copy Past Shortcut commands
Ctrl + X Cut a text or string in editor
Ctrl + C Copy a text or string in editor
Ctrl + V Paste a copy or cut string content
Ctrl + Z Undo a Paste
Ctrl + Y Repeat a Paste
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste and Indent a content
Sublime Tools Shortcut commands
Ctrl + Shift+ P Open a Command palette
Ctrl + B Build
Ctrl + Q Record a Macro

How to add custom short cuts to editor

You have to do custom key binding attached to the terminal.

  • Go To Preferences Menu > Key Bindings
  • It opens Default (Windows).sublime-keymap file
  • update the below content
{ "keys": [""], "command": ""}
  • You can provides keys with short cut and command to run OS command