In this post, Learn Sublime Text editor shortcuts.

In Sublime text, We have inbuilt shortcuts, and can create custom shortcut key bindings.

Sublime text shortcut keys

The following are general shortcuts that are available in all versions of Eclipse.

Sublime File Shortcut commands
Ctrl + NNew file
Ctrl + OOpen a file
Ctrl + SSave all files
Ctrl + Shift+S
Ctrl + Shift+N
Ctrl + Shift+W
Ctrl + WClose a File
Sublime Copy Past Shortcut commands
Ctrl + XCut a text or string in editor
Ctrl + CCopy a text or string in editor
Ctrl + VPaste a copy or cut string content
Ctrl + ZUndo a Paste
Ctrl + YRepeat a Paste
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste and Indent a content
Sublime Tools Shortcut commands
Ctrl + Shift+ POpen a Command palette
Ctrl + BBuild
Ctrl + QRecord a Macro

How to add custom shortcuts to the editor

You have to do custom key binding attached to the terminal.

  • Go To Preferences Menu > Key Bindings
  • It opens Default (Windows).sublime-keymap file
  • update the below content.
{ "keys": [""], "command": ""}
  • You can provide keys with short cut and commands to run OS command