minimap is one of the native features seen in Visual Studio code that gives a preview of a source code.

Atom Editor doesn’t have built Minimap configured natively.

You can install it via plugin configuration.

How do I enable the minimap in an Atom?

Following are steps to enable minimap in Atom editor.

  • Open Atom editor

  • Choose one of the options to go to the install settings page

  • using Command palette

    • Open the command palette with Command (Ctrl + Shift + p in Linux and windows, Command +Shift +P in Mac)
    • It opens the command palette
    • Type “Install package”, It opens the Settings page with the installs tab selected
  • using Settings page

    • FIle > Settings page, It opens the Settings page
    • Select Installs tab
  • Type “minimap” in the search bar and installs it

  • Open any source code file, you can see the default right upper side contains a preview of your source code.

Minimap settings

  • File > Settings page, It opens the Settings page
  • Type “minimap” in the search bar, click on settings

It has the following features.

  • Auto toggle
  • Scroll Indicator
  • Animation settings
  • Minimap size of characters and code highlighter
  • Position