This post shows two examples of converting the text to upper case and lower case in a sublime text editor.

The first way is using GUI and the second way uses the shortcut command in Windows and macOS.

Convert lowercase and uppercase sublime text editor?

Multiple ways are shown to show and hide the sidebar in the sublime text editor.

using GUI(Graphical User Interface):

  • Open Sublime text editor
  • Select the text you want to select or Ctrl + A to the selected complete file.
  • Open the Command Palette below
  • Select Tools Menu + Command palette or use below shortcut commands.
    • Windows: hotkeys: Ctrl + Shift + P
    • Mac: shortcuts: ⌘ + Shift +P

It opens the command palette and types lower or upper in the search box and selects it as given below.

Here is a screenshot

Sublime text Convert selected text to the upper or lower case

  • String of text is converted to upper or lower case.

Another way using Short cut to convert upper and lower case

Upper Case commands:

  • Windows: hotkeys: Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U
  • Mac: shortcuts: ⌘ + KU Lower Case commands
  • Windows: hotkeys: Ctrl + K, Ctrl + L
  • Mac: shortcuts: ⌘ + KL