Like any editor, Sublime provides native support for the comparison of text content files.

How to Compare text content files in a sublime text editor?

Here are the steps to compare the files in the Sublime text editor.

  • Open Sublime text editor( 2 or 3 versions)

  • Open the folder that contains files to compare using File Menu -> Open Folder option

  • Files are shown in the sidebar view.

  • Select the files that you want to compare

    In Windows Hold Ctrl + select the files or hold ⌘+ select files in macOS.

    Right-click on it, You will see the menu.

    ![Sublime text Compare text files content](/images/editors/sublime/ sublime-text-compare-files.png)

It opens a new tab with a comparison result window and sees the difference in the files.

The difference is line by line, each line starts with a + or - symbol.

+ indicates that it exists in one file, not in another file - indicates that it does not exist in another file.

There are also many plugins for difference in a sublime text editor.

The popular plugins are below for free as well as paid.

  • Diffy
  • DiffTabs
  • DiffViews
  • FileDiffs
  • EasyDiff
  • Submerge Pro (paid version)

You can install these packages using steps here