Sublime text Editor supports for installation of popular below OS

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS

And also how to sublime to right click on windows

How to Install Sublime text editor on Windows

Following are step-by-step tutorials.

  • Go to sublime text, click on Download For Windows Link
  • It downloads the sublime_text_build_4126_x64_setup.exe file into the file system.
  • Clicks on this file, follow the steps, click on next until the finish is done.
  • Click on either Windows Key + R and type Sublime Text or select program files and Sublime Text link. Sublime installation on Windows

How to Install Sublime text editor on Linux

Linux has different distributions,

Let’s see how to install on Linux using the yum package.

First, import and Select GPG key for sublime text by running the below command

sudo rpm -v --import

Run the below command to select the repository.

sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo

Finally, Run the yum install command to install sublime

sudo yum install sublime-text

Setup sublime text on macOS

  • Go to sublime text, Click on MacOS to download the sublime package for this os.
  • Copy to the application folder and open it and follow the steps to install on MacOS.

How to sublime text to Add to explorer context Menu in Windows

You can add sublime text to explorer context menu, It can be visible on right click on any position in desktop.

You can do reinstall sublime text version

  • Click on sublime_text_build_4126_x64_setup.exe file
  • It opens below with title Setup - Sublime Text
  • Check Add to explorer context menu as seen below

sublime text Explorer Context Menu

  • Click on next with default settings
  • Once installation done, you can see the Sublime Text on Explorer Context or Right click.