If the file size is small enough, you can remove the empty lines manually.

If a file contains a thousand lines, You have to use find blank lines and remove empty lines.

Manually doing it is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Sublime Editor provides the following three ways options

  • Use the Find and Replace feature to search for and replace text with regular expressions.
  • Permute Lines unique option.
  • Trimmer package

For example, a text file contains







After trimming and removing empty and blank lines with characters, The output is


How to Remove Empty or Blank Lines in Sublime 3 Editor?

There are multiple ways you can remove the lines.

  • Use Permute Lines Operations

  • Open the file in Sublime Editor.

  • Select Edit> Permute Lines > Unique

  • It removes the empty or blank characters as well as duplicate lines from the entire file

The only disadvantage of this approach is, It removes duplicate lines, including blank lines.

  • Find and Search with regular expression

Find and search is an inbuilt feature in the editor.

  • Open File > Replace or use Shortcut Ctrl + H in Windows, ⌘ + Alt + Fon Mac.

  • It opens the Replace Window bottom

  • Select and type below

    • Find with ^[\s]*?[\n\r]+ - for blank lines and blank character lines
    • Replace space
    • Check Wrap icon
    • Select Search Mode as Regular Expression or ShortCut Alt + R in Windows, ⌘ + Alt + R in Mac
    • Click on the Replace All button.
  • It removes empty and blank lines from the file.

  • Use the Trimmer package Trimmer is a custom package that deletes empty and blank lines for an entire file or selection of a file apart from other things such as removing end and beginning spaces and tabs and deleting comments.

    Install the Trimmer Package. Please see how to install packages to Sublime text Once Trimmer package control is installed, Go to the next steps.

  • Select Tools Menu + Command palette or use following shortcut commands

    • Windows: hotkeys: Ctrl + Shift + P
    • Mac: shortcuts: ⌘ + Shift +P
  • It opens the command palette and type trimmer in the search box and select the Trimmer: Delete empty Lines option

  • It removes empty lines and blank characters in empty lines.