Sublime Text is a popular Editor for code editor for programming languages.

It supports installation on Windows, Linux, and macOS. By default, support popular languages - JavaScript, NodeJS, typescript, and Nodejs.

It is available below versions.

  • Sublime text 2
  • Sublime text 3
  • Sublime text 4

Sublime Text 4 is the latest version.

Sublime text editor features

It supports the following features.

  • Syntax highlight with nice colors
  • Code Format and Auto indentation
  • Debugging
  • Included GitHub support
  • Syntax highlight
  • Extend plugin support
  • Inbuilt Debug Support
  • Git Plugin
  • SSH integration
  • Terminal
  • Code Snippets
  • Code refactoring

Is Sublime Text still free?

Sublime text is free for evaluation and there is no time limit on the evaluation period. You can buy a license If you are using it continuously.

What is Sublime Text used for?

Sublime Text is used as a Text and Code Editor to edit programming code with syntax highlight and code format. It also supports built-in debugging and extended plugins.

It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems.

Is Sublime good for coding?

Sublime is good for Coding and provides a lot of features, code formatting, debugging, code snippets, refactoring, and Syntax Highlight It provides refactoring and searching in code files with regular expression.