Sublime Text is a popular Editor for code editor for programming languages.

It supports installation on Windows, Linux, and macOS. By default, support popular languages - JavaScript, NodeJS, typescript, and Nodejs.

It is available below versions.

  • Sublime text 2
  • Sublime text 3
  • Sublime text 4

Sublime text 4 is the latest version.

Sublime text editor features

It supports the following features

  • Syntax highlight with nice colors
  • Code Format and Auto indentation
  • Debugging
  • Included GitHub support
  • Syntax highlight
  • Extend plugin support
  • Inbuilt Debug Support
  • Git Plugin
  • SSH integration
  • Terminal
  • Code Snippets
  • Code refactoring

Is Sublime Text still free?

Sublime text is free for evaluation and there is no time limit on the evaluation period. You can buy a license If you are using it continuously.

What is Sublime Text used for?

Sublime Text is used as a Text and Code Editor to edit programming code with syntax highlight and code format. It also supports Inbuilt Debugging and extended plugins.

It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems.

Is Sublime good for coding?

Sublime is good for Coding and provides lot of features, code formatting, debugging, code snippets, refactoring and Syntax Highlight It provides refactoring and searching in code files with regular expression