In this post, See How to view opened file encoding in Sublime text editor.

How to change the encoding from UTF-8 to another.

How to view encoding for a currently opened file

Following are step-by-step tutorials.

Here are the steps

  • Open Sublime text editor( version 2 or 3 )
  • Go to the Preferences Menu-> Settings item
  • You should see Preferences.sublime-settings opened the below screen.

Sublime text view white space and tab

  • Add properties show_encoding, and show_line_endings with value true.
    "show_encoding": true,
    "show_line_endings": true


show_encoding: display the file encoding in the status bar show_line_endings: displays the line ending with values

  • Windows Line Endings(CRLF)
  • Unix Line Endings (LF)
  • MAC OS 9 Line Endings(CR)

Sublime text view encoding

How to Change Encoding for a File Sublime text editor

Once you view the encoding, you see options in the status bar as given below

Sublime text view encoding

Click on the status bar encoding option, You will see two items

  • Set Encoding: Change encoding from one to another to the current file
  • Reopen With Encoding: The currently opened file is reopened with a new encoding value

Sublime text change encoding

And you can also show_line_endings with status text to another.