What is the shortcut way to search for methods in Visual Studio?

VSCOde Search methods in single or multiple files.

There are multiple ways to search files Using Symbol search

  • Go to Symbol Search using the below shortcut
    • Ctrl + Shift + O in Windows
    • Cmd + Shift + O in Mac OS
  • It opens the Symbol Search popup
  • In the search box that starts with @ and type string, String is method or class, interface, variable names
  • This Search method and others in a Currently opened file

Here is a shortcut to search methods for the files

Another way is to search All files in the project.

  • use command Ctrl + T.
  • Opens popup with a search box
  • Type # and method name
  • It lists out all matched method names and selects the method name

The third way, using another shortcut

  • use Ctrl + P
  • Type string with @ or @:
  • you can give strings as functions, methods, variables, constants, interfaces, or classes.

Another way, using Code Outline

  • Select the file you want to see the methods The left sidebar shows a tab Outline that lists out all methods of an opened class.
  • Select the method you want to open