Themes are a set of styles and rules with color schemes assigned to theme profiles.

Each language and Notepad++ has a default theme. Themes content Stores in XML files.

Themes XML files are located in %AppData%\Notepad++\Themes folder.

The following are available themes in Notepad++ IDE.

Bespin Blackboard Choco DansLeRuSH-Dark Deep Black Hello Kitty HotFudgeSundae khaki Mono Industrial Monokai MossyLawn Navajo Obsidian Plastic Code Wrap Ruby Blue Solarized-light Solarized Twilight Vibrant Ink vim Dark Blue Zenburn

Where do I put Notepad++ themes?

Themes XML files are placed in %AppData%\Notepad++\Themes folder.

You can write your theme with all configurations.

Is there a Notepad++ dark theme?

Notepad++ has multiple Dartk themes, To apply a dark theme, please follow the below steps

  • Open Settings Menu
  • Select Preferences, Opens Window
  • Select Dark Mode, Check Enable Dark Mode,
  • You can also select, Color profiles such as Blue, Red, and Green, and customize different background and fore colors.