What is a plugin in Netbeans?

Netbeans comes with default features such as Find and replace, code formatting, etc. If you want extra features that are not provided by default, plugins are useful.

For example, Autosave options do not exist in Netbeans. You can extend the functionality by installing custom code, also called plugins.

How to install plugins in Netbeans

There are two ways to install plugins.

One way, using Available plugins in Netbeans.

Following are the steps required to install the Available plugin in Netbeans IDE.

  • Go to the Tools Menu
  • Select Plugins Menu Item
  • It opens the Plugins popup window
  • Select the Available plugins tab
  • It lists out all plugins
  • Check the plugin that you want to install
  • Clicks on the Installs button

Another way, download the plugin file and integrate the plugin into NetBeans using the below steps Following are steps to install the custom gitignore plugin

  • First, Download the plugin from here
  • It downloads netbeans-gitignore-io-1.1.0.nbm to the file system.
  • Next, Click on the Tools Menu
  • Select Plugins Menu Item
  • It opens the Plugins popup window
  • Select the Downloaded tab
  • Click on Add Plugin
  • It prompts the user to select the downloaded plugin from the file system, Click Open
  • Next, Click on the Install button
  • It opens the Netbeans IDE Plugin installer window
  • Click on the Next button, and follow the steps to finish the installation
  • Installation is successful
|Plugin Name | Description |Features| |:——–| ————— | |Color Codes Preview | Display preview of a Hexa color code in a line on the sidebar, useful for CSS files on code Editor| Supports rgb/rgba/hexa/HSL/hsla color codes, named color classes such as blue, and java color classes |NB SpringBoot | Support for Spring and spring boot frameworks|Create a spring related projects using gradle, maven, Running debugging, and annotation support| |Codename One NetBeans Plugin | Contains toolkit to build Mobile applications targeted to IOS, Android using java and Kotlin| Guid interface and Dev tools, Native performance, CSS live and hot reload| |Editor :: Autosave | Adding autosave for files in netbeans|Autosave, enable disable | |gitignore support | Create gitignore file for a project| | |PHP WordPress Blog/CMS | Php WordPress CMS support| | |REST Client | REST API Support|Support GET, POST,DELETE, PUT,Patch, Basic Auth, bearer Token, JSON and XML request and response| |SonarLint for NetBeans |Sonar Lint for Netbeans|Support for Java,javascript, PHP,XML, and HTML