This tutorial explains the comparison of Netbeans vs Eclipse

Eclipse and Netbeans are popular Opensource Editor for programming languages. Both are used to develop large applications.

Difference between Netbeans vs Eclipse

| Feature | Eclipse | Netbeans |:——–| ————— | |License| Opensource| Opensource| |Language Support|Java,J2EE, C,C++,PHP, Python,javascript, Spring|Java,J2EE,Java ME, Spring framework| |Modeling| Supports natively | Add Extensions to support it| |Compiler| Javac Compiler + Eclipse Compiler| Javac Compiler| |Plugins| Matured and a large number of plugins| Limited plugins| |OS|Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris, Android|Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Solaris| |Maven |No Built In Support,m2eclipse plugin is required | Built In Support| |Git |No Built In Support, EGIT plugin is required | Built In Support| |Web apps|Less robust than netbeans| Netbeans more robust than eclipse in JSP, servlets| |Mobile Apps|Eclipse powerful|Netbeans less robust than eclipse| |UI||Simple and usable for junior developers| |RCP|Mature|Still needs improvement|

When is Netbeans preferable to Eclipse?

Because it has a good GUI and robust code execution, Netbean is more productive if you are just starting to learn programming languages like Java. It has inbuilt support for Maven and GIT tools, It provides git clone, history, and checkout of the code repositories. Code completion and nice auto-indentation features are preferred over Eclipse.

  • Limited plugins support
  • Most of the plugins in Eclipse such as Maven and git are features in Netbeans
  • The Eclipse interface is not user-friendly
  • Netbeans is faster compared with Eclipse in terms of loading projects, downloading dependencies and saving files
  • For J2EE application development, Default glassfish server supports.
  • It is a simple UI to make configuration

When to use Eclipse Over Netbeans?

Eclipse is more feature rich of plugins and helpful for large projects.

  • It contains large plugins to add features to Eclipse.
  • Large Ecosystem
  • Angular and javascript exist in Eclipse.
  • It handles large projects very smoothly compared with NetBeans -Supports Modeling framework and tools as well as UML
  • Eclipse uses an outside custom compiler that gets fast sometimes during the build