Every IDE provides comes with the default theme.

YOu can customize it or change the profile in IDE.

Netbeans provides a custom plugin theme to change default settings.

The settings include the following things

The syntax for Font, Foreground, background, and effects Highlighting Styles Annotations Styles Git, SVN repository diff styles

How to configure Dark Theme in Netbeans IDE

  • Tools Menu -> Select Options

  • It opens the Window, Select `Fonts & Colors

  • Select Profiles dropdown to one of Dart theme available profiles

    • Flatlaf Dark
    • `City Lights
    • `Norway Today
  • It applies automatically to the Editor

  • You can still customize their colors as per programming language and categories such as methods, properties to different colors, and fonts.

You can also install third-party theme plugins

How to add a dark theme plugin in NetBeans

Following are the steps required to install the dark theme in Netbeans IDE.

  • Go to the Tools Menu
  • Select Plugins Menu Item
  • It opens the Plugins popup window
  • Select the Available plugins tab
  • It lists out all plugins
  • Check the plugin that you want to install
  • Clicks on the Installs button