Developers work with Eclipse with either Graphical User interface(GUI) or shortcuts.

This post shows you frequently daily use shortcuts by developers in Eclipse.

Eclipse Shortcuts

The following are general shortcuts that are available in all versions of Eclipse.

Name ShortCut Works on Description
Create a new project or file Alt + Shift + N General It uses to create a new project, It asks for the type of such as Java project, class, or Enum
Close Editor Ctrl + W Editor Close the current editor
Close All Editor Ctrl + Shift+ W Editor Close the All editor
Save Ctrl + S General Save the current Opened file
Save All Ctrl + Shift+ S General Save All the file changes
Rename F2 General Rename the selected file
Refresh F5 General Refresh and reload the workspace in eclipse
Print Ctrl+P General Print the opened file
Properties Alt+Enter General Opens properties window and displays properties of a selected file or folder
Search Ctrl+H General Search window opens for file and folder search

How to check available shortcuts in Eclipse

Go to Windows Menu > Preferences > General > Keys

You have a list of keys configured.

It can be native keys or add key binding using different new key bindings.