The terminal is a basic feature that provides to work with the command line inside an IDE.

Intelli IDE and VSCode provide these features by default.

Netbeans also provides inbuilt support for Terminal

Netbeans Terminal Support

Let’s see how can we access the terminal in Netbeans IDE

  • Go to Windows
  • Select IDE Tools
  • Select Terminal.
  • It starts Terminal Emulator and opens Window in IDE.
  • In Windows Operating System, required CYGWIN to be installed
  • First Install CYGWIN and set CYGWIN\bin path to the environment variable
  • Next, then restart and open the terminal again

Once the terminal is opened, you can do the following things

  • You can run commands to operate on the file system
  • New terminal tab
  • Remote new terminal tab to log into other machines using Putty
  • You can configure the appearance and styles(foreground, background color, font family and size, tab size, wrap line, etc.) to terminal