Does NetBeans support NodeJS?

Apache Netbeans is a popular java editor, It also supports javascript Nodejs Framework. Nodejs and JavaScript are supported natively in Netbeans. You can create a project using nodejs and javascript.

Typescript is supported using Netbeans plugins

Can I use NetBeans for JavaScript?

Netbeans supports javascript and frontend frameworks- react, angular, and backend frameworks Nodejs. It supports code editor and javascript debugger for javascript development. You can quickly develop applications for Netbeans

Is NetBeans good for web development?

Netbeans is used as an IDE for enterprise applications and can be used for Web application Development. It supports full stack application development and supports natively HTML5, CSS, and javascript frameworks and backend nodejs and java for API development.

features code completion code formatting, and debugging make good use for web development. You can also start a node webserver from the NetBeans and write UI components to improve developer productivity. It starts the browser to test web apps very quickly.

Netbeans How to create a Nodejs project?

Netbeans supports Creating Nodejs projects natively, There is no need for the installation of plugins.

To create a NodeJS project, please follow the below steps

  • Select File Menu + Select New Project ( or use shortcut command Ctrl + Shift + N)
  • It Opens the New Project window dialog, Select the following
  • On the Left side, Select HTML5/Javascript in Categories, Right side, Select Nodejs Application.
  • Next, Enter the following
    • Project Name: nodejsapp
    • Project Folder: newly created project location to save
    • Next step, It asks for the following things
      • Create package.json
      • Create bower.json
      • Create gulpfile.js
      • Create gruntfile.js
  • Click Finish, It creates a Nodejs application
  • It loads the newly created app in Netbeans.
  • Now, you are ready to work on the Nodejs application

Netbeans nodejs folder structure

Here is the folder structure that was created, the application name is nodejsapp

|- main.js
|- nbproject
|- package.json

  • nbproject: is a folder that contains the configuration required for Netbeans.
  • package.json: Nodejs configuration that contains about application version, npm scripts, and dependencies, devDependencies, peerDependencies
  • main.js: javascript main application entry code

How do I run NodeJS in NetBeans?

Nodejs is a server-side code used to create an API and web server.

To run Nodejs application in Netbeans. Please follow the below steps.

  • Write a javascript code in the main.js file
  • Now, Run the application using the Run option with one of the options
  • Select Run + Run File option( use Shortcut Shift + `F6``)
  • Select Run + Run Main Project option ( use Shortcut F6)
  • Given arguments are passed to args of the main method in the maven project program as given below
  • Output is printed to the console.
  • If the project contains web server HTTP code, It starts the webserver by listening to 3000
  • and also opens the browser automatically with the address localhost:3000