This tutorial explains changing font styles to Netbeans IDE.

These styles are applied to changing the default font configuration in menus menu items and popup windows.

Netbeans Font configuration.

There are multiple ways to change font properties and configurations in IDE.

  • using netbeans.conf

netbeans.conf is a configuration file located in the NetBeans installation folder.

In windows, It is located in <netbeans-installation-folder>/etc/netbeans.conf.

Open netbeans.conf in any editor . Next, Find the netbeans_default_options key and add the below value to the end of its value. change from



netbeans_default_options="existing-value --fontsize 21"

--fontsize 21 value changes its default size from 11 increased to 21.

  • using tools options

This approach has the flexibility to change the editor and language editor font and colors

  • Go to the Tools menu
  • Select Options
  • It shows the Options window
  • Select Fonts & Colors and change font colors font-family and save it to profiles

How to change the font and family, size of the toolbar in Netbeans

The toolbar contains various options with names.

You can easily change using the –fontsize option or using UI described above.