Netbeans provides different features to improve developer productivity. Such features are Generate Constructor, Setter and Getter, and other code completion features.

These tutorials guide you to generating Class

  • Generate Constructor
  • Generate Setter and Getter
  • Generate equals and hashcode
  • Netbeans Code Generation

We can generate

In Netbeans Code Editor,

  • Open java Class in the editor, opened in the editor
public class Employee {
    private int id;         
  • Right-click inside a class, Open the context menu
  • Select Insert Code, It opens with the below options to generate
    • Logger
    • Constructor
    • Getter and Setter
    • Equals() and hashcode()
    • toString()
    • Override methods

You can also below the short command below to generate code

  • Use below shortcut key below by placing the cursor inside the class.
  • Alt + Insert key( Some keyboard allows Insert key replace with 0) or Alt + 0 in windows
  • Ctrl + i in MacOS