This tutorial explains about the comparison of Netbeans vs IntelliJ IDEA

What is IntelliJ IDE?

IntelliJ IDE is a popular Integrated Development for the development fo mobile and web applications.

| Feature | Eclipse | IntelliJ IDEA |:——–| ————— | |License| Opensource| Opensource and Commercial| |Language Support|Java,J2EE, C,C++,PHP, Python,javascript, Spring|Java,J2EE,Java ME, Spring framework| |Modeling| Supports natively | Add Extensions to supports it| |Compiler| Javac Compiler + Eclipse Compiler| Javac Compiler| |Plugins| Matured and large number of plugins| Limited plugins| |OS|Windows, Linux,MacOS and Solaris, Android|Windows, Linux,MacOS and Solaris| |Maven |Built In Support | Built In Support| |Git |Built In Support | Built In Support| |Web apps|Less robust than netbeans| Netbeans more robust than eclipse in jsp,servlets| |Mobile Apps|Eclipse powerful|Netbeans less robust than eclipse|