I installed the latest Netbeans and did not find any Python project templates to create a Python project.

When I checked the New project options, It contains all standard web and maven application options.

This tutorial explains how to add Python support and create a Python project in Netbeans. It is easy to add Python support via Python Plugins.

by adding Python support to Netbeans, the Developer has required tools such as an Editor, debugger, and documentation for Python application development.

How to add Python Support in Netbeans

Download the nbPYthon plugin from here . It downloads a zip file that contains a .nbm file. To add Python Support to Netbeans, Please follow the below steps.

  • In Netbeans Editor, Select the Tools menu -> Plugins Option
  • It opens the Plugins Window Dialog
  • Select the Settings Tab
  • Select Configuration of Update Centers dropdown with the value Netbeans Distribution option checked if already not checked.
  • Next, Go to the Downloaded Tab
  • Click on the Add Plugins button
  • It opens the plugin file, select the downloaded zip file
  • Click on the Install option, it installs Python and its dependencies.
  • Restart IDE to complete installation.
  • Now, able to create Python Projects

How to create a Python project in Netbeans

Once the Python plugin is added to Netbeans, you will be able to see Python application options in Netbeans.

To create a Python project, please follow the below steps.

  • Select File Menu + Select New Project ( or use shortcut command Ctrl + Shift + N)
  • It Opens the New Project window dialog, Select the following
  • Select Python in Categories on the left side, Right side, Select Python Application.
  • Next, Enter the following
    • Project Name: pythonapp
    • sources Folder: newly created project location to save
    • Optionally, You can choose the Python version and encoding
  • Click Finish, It creates a Python application
  • It loads the Python app in Netbeans.
  • Now, you are ready to work on the Python application

Can NetBeans run Python?

Netbeans supports running Python applications by adding plugins. nbpython is a third-party plugin used to add support for code formatting, and syntax styles for Python development.

How do I add Python to NetBeans?

To add Python to Netbeans, Please follow the below steps.

  • Go to Tools -> Plugins
  • Download the plugin from here
  • In the Downloaded tab, select the downloaded plugin
  • It installs to Netbeans
  • Restart IDE to complete installation.
  • Now, able to create Python Projects