Twitch panels

twitch. tv popular OTT platform for streaming users’ video, Markdown is used to customize user panels in the channel. twitch supports only limited markdown tags support, HTML is not supported. please see the supported tags twitch tags

Important points

  • Twitch has limited support for markdown
  • place two spaces after the end of the line for a line break or
  • please enter the key at the end of the line

Markdown is used in Twitch for creating the following things.

twitch panel customize descriptions for sharing on the Twitch channel page chat pages These are free to use for editors and contain image panels to link to their social media profiles.

These are mainly used to make clickable image links as well as user information. It also includes information about video stream.

You can customize the panels using the on/off option from the edit panels

Twitch panels are not animated.

How to add panels on Twitch?

Panels are nothing but an image pointing to your custom URL

  • Open the Channel page
  • In the video screen, you can find for on /off UI Switch for the panel and make it on
  • You can add the following images and add a link to it
  • panel title
  • image
  • image link
  • description

Finally, Save the panel to take effect.

Twitch panel size and

images in the Twitch panel of maximum size under 3.9MB The maximum width supported is 320px and the maximum height is 300px.

The recommended and best panel size is 320px X 160PX

Twitch panel markdown sample

# Heading
## Subheading
> This is a quote example

>> Subquote example

example for
 line break

 paragraph line 2

 paragraph line 3


Nested List example

* item 1
* Item 2
- Item 3
- Item 4
+ item 5
+ item 5

Output is

Twitch markdown panel channel example

Twitch markdown cheat sheet

Following markdown features are supported in Twitch and panels

Headingsall heading tags are supportedsupported
listSupported ordered and unordered listsupported
TablesTablesNot supported
Commentscomments are ignored by parsers.Nt supported
ImagesImagesNot supported
BlockquotesThese can be placed in panels -nested panels are also supportedsupported