Markdown is plain text with special syntax.

There are multiple ways we can convert to PDF from markdown content

  • command line
  • Visual Studio
  • Online tools

How to convert markdown to pdf file?

There are multiple ways we can convert markdown to a pdf file.

In this we can give the input file as a markdown file, the output file is a pdf file.

  • pandoc
  • Nodejs

markdown-pdf is a node package for javascript applications. First, install the package using the npm install command

npm install -g markdown-pdf

We can write a code or command line

Command-line using markdown-pdf CLI

markdown-pdf options markdown-file-path

Convert markdown to pdf online

There are many online apps to convert to pdf has more features, you can view markdown in a different format, and import and export markdown files.

First copy or import markdown content into the document.

An option Export allows you to export to HTML, PDF, and markdown files.