reStructureText is a markdown file format with plain text, used for reading and writing documents. It is used in Python for generating documentation.

It is popular in writing documentations for technical and manuals.

It is a format used by sphinx document generator to convert to HTML

Let’s see the some of the features of reStructureText

Restructured Text components

Inline Markup Syntax

  • Italics

*italic text*

*italic text*
  • Bold **Bold text**

code blocks

Inline Code Syntax Inline Code

  • Comment

Line starts with two dots .., followed by space and text treated as a comments.

.. comment
  • Ordered List
 # List element
 # List element
 # List element
Feature  Description  ———-
Inline MarkupItalics*italic text *
Inline MarkupBold
Inline CodeCode BlockInline Code
Inline CodeCode Block.. code-block:: html \n code

reStructuredText v.s. Markdown

Both are markdown languages