Superscripts and subscripts in HTML are used to display text content with typographical styles.

It provides Superscript(sup) and subscript(sub) tags in HTML.

Markdown does not support superscript and subscript natively.

One way using HTML tags,

There are different ways we can add superscript tags in markdown. Valid HTML tags are working in markdown content.

Here is a code for HTML superscript and subscript in markdown.

<sup>superscript</sup> content example.
<sub>subscript</sub> content example.

Renders superscript content example. subscript content example.

Here is an example


Render as



Another way, using directly Unicode or emoji characters in markdown content.

It is simple and easy to use. For this, OS should support the characters.

Markdown power of number example

The power of a number represents using the superscript tag in markdown content,

Here is

3 power of 2= 3<sup>2</sup>=9

3 power of 2= 32=9