AsciiDoc is a lightweight text document format, used for writing documentation.

It is used to write technical documentation for courses, articles, news, and blogs.

AsciiDoc is lightweight compared with Markdown syntax.

You can write documentation using plain text with semantic markup language

What is AsciiDoc used for?

AsciiDoc is used for writing templates for content writers in different domains

AsciiDoc Syntax

Let’s see some examples & syntax for writing documentation.

It contains the following things

  • = added with prefixing page titles.
  • == added with different sections of a page
  • === prefixed with subsections of a page
  • And all elements can be created with Markdown syntax
    • * indicates an ordered list
    • anchor links similar to markdown anchor syntax

Here is an asciidoc template example

= page title
this is page title of an document
== Section
    This is main section
=== Sub section
    This is sub section