Links are hyper links, on click it, move to other section /url of web resources.

There are many types of links can be created in Markdown.

  • Inline Links
  • Relative Links
  • mailto Links
  • Reference Links

Inline links contains text which displayed to user enclosed in square brackets [] and link URL enclosed in parens () Links Url is absolute URL like domainname.extension

[links text](Links Url)
<a href="#">links text</a>

Relative links are used for the links on the same domain. relative URLs are /about ie without http and

[links text](relative Url)

to add email address links with markdown markup, Link contains mailto with colon and email address The syntax

[Contact Us](

and output is

Contact Us

This is link define the link text with names, This names can be referenced and mapped with URL

This is a reference links [emphasis tutorials][myexample]

[myexample]: /file/markdown-emphasis "markdown emphasis tutorials"


This is a reference links emphasis tutorials

markup can also contains links with title text Add title text enclosed in double quotes in parens including link url

Links title example [example link](URL "link title text")

Output Links title example example link