Links are called hyper or anchor links on web pages.

Anchor links on a web page allow you to link to content on the same page or a different page.

These support navigating to different sections/URLs of web resources.

Here is an example of writing anchor links using an HTML tag

<a href="about.html">About<a>

Mainly, It contains two parts - the first is the page name URL, and the second name is the display text.

Links is created with the below syntax in Markdown.

[Link text](linkurl)

Link text wrapped in square brackets([]) followed by link URL with parenthesis.

Many types of links can be created in Markdown.

  • Inline Links
  • Relative Links
  • mailto Links
  • Reference Links

External links are links pointing to an external domain. Inline links contain text displayed to the user enclosed in square brackets []. and link URL enclosed in parentheses (). Links Url is an absolute URL like domainname. Extension.

[links text](Links Url)

Generated HTML is

<a href="#">links text</a>
And the output is [links text](#)

relative links are used for links within the same domain. For example, relative URLs are /about It contains without HTTP and

[links text](relative Url)


[About Us](/about)

Generated HTML is

<a href="/about">About Us</a>

Sometimes we want to navigate sections or parts of a document on the same webpage.

[go to heading](#heading)

On the webpage, You will have

<a name="heading">
   My Heading

mailto links are used to include a link with an email address. to add email address links with markdown markup, Link contains mailto with colon and email address The syntax

[Contact Us](mailto:[email protected])

and output:

Contact Us

It link defines the link text with names. These names are referenced and mapped with the URL

It is reference links [emphasis tutorials][myexample]

[myexample]: /file/markdown-emphasis "markdown emphasis tutorials"


It is reference links emphasis tutorials

markup can also contain links with title text Add title text enclosed in double quotes in parents including link URL

Links title example [example link](URL "link title text")

Output Links title example [example link](URL "link title text")

There is no way to open a new window with standard markdown syntax.

You can use a simple anchor tag like this below

<a href="url" target="_blank">link</a>

Some implementations like kramdown use the below syntax