Bootstrap Icons has different arrow icons as seen below

It includes Arrow icons with left right up down variations

These icons can be used in UX design as well as pages.

It can be customize these icons using css styles based on our needs.

Bootstrap Arrow icons list

Below table shows list of Arrow icons and class list

Name  Class Name  Example

Arrow Down 90 Degrees | bi bi-arrow-90deg-down|Try| |

Arrow Left 90 Degrees | bi bi-arrow-90deg-left|Try| |

Arrow Right 90 Degrees | bi bi-arrow-90deg-right|Try| |

Arrow Up 90 Degrees | bi bi-arrow-90deg-up|Try| |

Arrow Bar Down | bi bi-arrow-bar-down|Try| |

Arrow Bar Left | bi bi-arrow-bar-left|Try| |

Arrow Bar Right | bi bi-arrow-bar-right|Try| |

Arrow Bar Up| bi bi-arrow-bar-up|Try| |

Arrow Clockwise | bi bi-arrow-clockwise|Try| |

Arrow Counter Clockwise | bi bi-arrow-counterclockwise|Try| |

Arrow Down | bi bi-arrow-down|Try| |

Arrow Down Circle | bi bi-arrow-down-circle|Try| |

Arrow Down Circle Fill | bi bi-arrow-down-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Down Left Circle | bi bi-arrow-down-left-circle|Try| |

Arrow Down Circle Fill | bi bi-arrow-down-left-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Down Left Square | bi bi-arrow-down-left-square|Try| |

Arrow Down Left Square Fill | bi bi-arrow-down-left-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Down Right Circle| bi bi-arrow-down-right-circle|Try| |

Arrow Down Right Circle Fill| bi bi-arrow-down-right-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Down Right Square| bi bi-arrow-down-right-square|Try| |

Arrow Down Right Square| bi bi-arrow-down-right-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Down Square| bi bi-arrow-down-square|Try| |

Arrow Down Square Fill| bi bi-arrow-down-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Down Left| bi bi-arrow-down-left|Try| |

Arrow Down Right| bi bi-arrow-down-right|Try| |

Arrow Down Short| bi bi-arrow-down-short|Try| |

Arrow Down Up| bi bi-arrow-down-up|Try| |

Arrow Down Left| bi bi-arrow-left|Try| |

Arrow Left Circle| bi bi-arrow-left-circle|Try| |

Arrow Left Circle Fill| bi bi-arrow-left-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Left Square| bi bi-arrow-left-square|Try| |

Arrow Left Square Fill| bi bi-arrow-left-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Left Right| bi bi-arrow-left-right|Try| |

Arrow Left Short| bi bi-arrow-left-short|Try| |

Arrow Repeat| bi bi-arrow-repeat|Try| |

Arrow Return Lift| bi bi-arrow-return-left|Try| |

Arrow Return Right| bi bi-arrow-return-right|Try| |

Arrow Right| bi bi-arrow-right|Try| |

Arrow Right Circle| bi bi-arrow-right-circle|Try| |

Arrow Right Circle Fill| bi bi-arrow-right-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Right Square| bi bi-arrow-right-square|Try| |

Arrow Right Square Fill| bi bi-arrow-right-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Right Short| bi bi-arrow-right-short|Try| |

Arrow Up| bi bi-arrow-up|Try| |

Arrow Up Circle| bi bi-arrow-up-circle|Try| |

Arrow Up Circle| bi bi-arrow-up-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Up Left Circle| bi bi-arrow-up-left-circle|Try| |

Arrow Down Up| bi bi-|Try| |

Arrow Up Left Circle Fill| bi bi-arrow-up-left-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Up Left Square| bi bi-arrow-up-left-square|Try| |

Arrow Up Left Square Fill| bi bi-arrow-up-left-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Up Right Circle| bi bi-arrow-up-right-circle|Try| |

Arrow Up Right Circle Fill | bi bi-arrow-up-right-circle-fill|Try| |

Arrow Up Right Square | bi bi-arrow-up-right-square|Try| |

Arrow Up Right Square Fill| bi bi-arrow-up-right-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Up Square| bi bi-arrow-up-square|Try| |

Arrow Up Square Fill| bi bi-arrow-up-square-fill|Try| |

Arrow Up Left| bi bi-arrow-up-left|Try| |

Arrow Up Right| bi bi-arrow-up-right|Try| |

Arrow Up Short| bi bi-arrow-up-short|Try| |

Arrows Angle Contract | bi bi-arrows-angle-contract|Try| |

Arrows Angle Expand | bi bi-arrows-angle-expand|Try| |

Arrows Collapse | bi bi-arrows-collapse|Try| |

Arrows Expand | bi bi-arrows-expand|Try| |

Arrows Fullscreen | bi bi-arrows-fullscreen|Try| |

Arrows Move | bi bi-arrows-move|Try| |

Box Arrow Down Left | bi bi-box-arrow-down-left|Try| |

Box Arrow Down Right | bi bi-box-arrow-down-left|Try| |

Box Arrow Down | bi bi-box-arrow-down|Try| |

Box Arrow In Down | bi bi-box-arrow-in-down|Try| |

Box Arrow In Down Left | bi bi-box-arrow-in-down-left|Try| |

Box Arrow In DownRight | bi bi-box-arrow-in-down-right|Try| |

Box Arrow In Left | bi bi-box-arrow-in-left|Try| |

Box Arrow In Right | bi bi-box-arrow-in-right|Try| |

Box Arrow In Up | bi bi-box-arrow-in-up|Try| |

Box Arrow In Up Left | bi bi-box-arrow-in-up-left|Try| |

Box Arrow In Up Right | bi bi-box-arrow-in-up-right|Try| |

Box Arrow Left | bi bi-box-arrow-left|Try| |

Box Arrow Right| bi bi-box-arrow-right|Try| |

Box Arrow In Left | bi bi-box-arrow-left|Try| |

Box Arrow Up| bi bi-box-arrow-up|Try| |

Box Arrow Up Left| bi bi-box-arrow-up-left|Try| |

Box Arrow Up Right| bi bi-box-arrow-up-right|Try| |

Recycle | bi bi-recycle|Try| |

Shuffle | bi bi-shuffle|Try|