Bootstrap Icons has different Alerts Signs icons as seen below

It includes social media icons as well as intranet sass company icons

Bootstrap icons has a collection of brand and social media icons And the popular icons include Twitter,Youtube and Facebook linkedin.

We can use these icons to create a social media icons on websites. We can customize these icons using css styles based on our needs.

Bootstrap Alerts Warning and Sign icons class lists

Below table shows list of social media and brand icons list

Name   Class Name   Example
Check bi bi-check Try
Check Circle bi bi-check-circle Try
Check Circle Fill bi bi-check-circle-fill Try
Check Lg bi bi-check-lg Try
Check Square bi bi-check-square Try
Check Square Fill bi bi-check-square-fill Try
Slash Circle bi bi-slash-circle Try
Cone bi bi-cone Try
Cone Striped bi bi-cone-striped Try
Dash bi bi-dash Try
Dash Circle bi bi-dash-circle Try
Dash Circle Dotted bi bi-dash-circle-dotted Try
Dash Circle Fill bi bi-dash-circle-fill Try
Dash Lg bi bi-dash-lg Try
Dash Square bi bi-dash-square Try
Dash Square Dotted bi bi-dash-square-dotted Try
Dash Square Fill bi bi-dash-square-fill Try
Exclamation bi bi-exclamation Try
Exclamation Circle bi bi-exclamation-circle Try
Exclamation Circle Fill bi bi-exclamation-circle-fill Try
Exclamation Diamond bi bi-exclamation-diamond Try
Exclamation Diamond Fill bi bi-exclamation-diamond-fill Try
Exclamation Lg bi bi-exclamation-lg Try
Exclamation Octagon bi bi-exclamation-octagon Try
Exclamation Octagon Fill bi bi-exclamation-octagon-fill Try
Exclamation Square bi bi-exclamation-square Try
Exclamation Square Fill bi bi-exclamation-square-fill Try
Exclamation triangle bi bi-exclamation-triangle Try
Exclamation Triangle Fill bi bi-exclamation-triangle-fill Try
Information bi bi-info Try
Information Circle bi bi-info-circle Try
Information Circle Fill bi bi-info-circle-fill Try
Information Lg bi bi-info-lg Try
Information Square bi bi-info-square Try
Information Square Fill bi bi-info-square-fill Try
Plus bi bi-plus Try
Plus Circle bi bi-plus-circle Try
Plus Circle Dotted bi bi-plus-circle-dotted Try
Plus Circle Fill bi bi-plus-circle-fill Try
Plus Lg bi bi-plus-lg Try
Plus Square bi bi-plus-square Try
Plus Square Dotted bi bi-plus-square-dotted Try
Plus Square Fill bi bi-plus-square-fill Try
Question bi bi-question Try
Question Circle bi bi-question-circle Try
Question Diamond bi bi-question-diamond Try
Question Diamond Fill bi bi-question-diamond-fill Try
Question Circle Fill bi bi-question-circle-fill Try
Question Lg bi bi-question-lg Try
Question Octagon bi bi-question-octagon Try
Question Octagon Fill bi bi-question-octagon-fill Try
Question Square bi bi-question-square Try
Question Square Fill bi bi-question-square-fill Try
Slash bi bi-slash Try
Slash Circle Fill bi bi-slash-circle-fill Try
Slash Lg bi bi-slash-lg Try
Slash Square bi bi-slash-square Try
Slash Square Fill bi bi-slash-square-fill Try
Delete Cancel bi bi-x Try
Reset Circle bi bi-x-circle Try
Reset Circle Fill bi bi-x-circle-fill Try
Reset Diamond bi bi-x-diamond Try
Reset Diamond Fill bi bi-x-diamond-fill Try
Reset Lg bi bi-x-lg Try
Cancel Octagon bi bi-x-octagon Try
Cancel Octagon Fill bi bi-x-octagon-fill Try
Cancel Square bi bi-x-square Try
Cancel Square Fill bi bi-x-square-fill Try