There are multiple ways to use font-awesome icons in applications.

We can add using the below approaches

  • HTML i tag with predefined class selector
  • SVG icons
  • web fonts

This tutorial explains how to add a CSS selector with CSS code. First, import font awesome CSS file into your HTML file.

Next, Create an HTML element that you want to add.

For example, Create an anchor link

    <a href="/" class="facebookicon">Facebook</a>

In CSS code, You add a class HTML selector for the anchor element.

Create an element pseudo before selector add the following code

a::before {
 font-family: 'Font Awesome 6 Brand';
  color: blue;
  content: '\f39e';
  font-weight: 900;

Font-family value is one of the following

  • Font Awesome 6 Free value for free solid icon styles
  • Font Awesome 6 Pro value for free regular, light and thin pro icon styles
  • Font Awesome 6 Duotone value for free Duotone icon styles
  • Font Awesome 6 Brands value for free Brands icon styles

content contains a Unicode value that represents the icon. You can get this Unicode from the font awesome website.