Bootstrap Icons has different UI and keyboard icons as seen below

It includes Building and generated related with circle and square variation

We can use these icons to create a keyboard and UI such as alt delete trash shift and backspace icons on websites. We can customize these icons using css styles based on our needs.

Bootstrap UI and keyboard icons List

Below table shows list of UI and Keyboard icons class list

Name   Class Name   Example
Alt Key bi bi-alt Try
Backspace Key bi bi-backspace Try
Backspace Key Fill bi bi-backspace-fill Try
Backspace Reverse bi bi-backspace-reverse Try
Backspace Key Fill bi bi-backspace-reverse-fill Try
Borders bi bi-border Try
Border All bi bi-border-all Try
Border Bottom bi bi-border-bottom Try
Border Center bi bi-border-center Try
Border Inner bi bi-border-inner Try
Border left bi bi-border-left Try
Border Middle bi bi-border-middle Try
Border Outer bi bi-border-outer Try
Border Right bi bi-border-right Try
Border Top bi bi-border-top Try
Sun Brightness Alt High bi bi-brightness-alt-high Try
Sun Brightness Alt High Fill bi bi-brightness-alt-high-fill Try
Sun Brightness Alt Low bi bi-brightness-alt-low Try
Sun Brightness Alt Low Fill bi bi-brightness-alt-low-fill Try
Sun Brightness High bi bi-brightness-high Try
Sun Brightness High Fill bi bi-brightness-high-fill Try
Brightness Low bi bi-brightness-low Try
Brightness Low Fill bi bi-brightness-low-fill Try
Capslock Key bi bi-capslock Try
Capslock Key Fill bi bi-capslock-fill Try
Checkmark All bi bi-check-all Try
Checkbox tod0 bi bi-check2 Try
Checkbox All bi bi-check2-all Try
Checkbox Circle bi bi-check2-circle Try
Checkbox square bi bi-check2-square Try
Command Key bi bi-command Try
Dot Key bi bi-dot Try
Eject bi bi-eject Try
Filter bi bi-filter Try
Fullscreen bi bi-fullscreen Try
Fullscreen Exit bi bi-fullscreen-exit Try
Grip horizontal bi bi-grip-horizontal Try
Grip Vertical bi bi-grip-vertical Try
Anchor hyperlink href link bi bi-link Try
hyperlink 45 degree bi bi-link-45deg Try
Option Key bi bi-option Try
Option Key bi bi-option Try
Power Key bi bi-power Try
Save Key bi bi-save Try
Save Key Fill bi bi-save-fill Try
Save Floppy key bi bi-save2 Try
Save Floppy Key Fill bi bi-save2-fill Try
Shift key bi bi-shift Try
Shift Fill key bi bi-shift-fill Try
Delete Trash key bi bi-trash Try
Trash key fill bi bi-trash-fill Try
Recyclebin key bi bi-trash2 Try
Trash Can key Fill bi bi-trash2-fill Try
View Rearrange List bi bi-view-list Try
View Stacked bi bi-view-stacked Try