Bootstrap Icons has different brand icons as seen below

It includes social media icons as well as intranet sass company icons

Bootstrap icons has a collection of brand and social media icons And the popular icons include Twitter,Youtube and Facebook linkedin.

We can use these icons to create a social media icons on websites. We can customize these icons using css styles based on our needs.

Bootstrap Social Media icons

Below table shows list of social media and brand icons list

Name   Class Name   Example
Apple bi bi-apple Try
Behance bi bi-behance try
bluetooth bi bi-bluetooth Try
Discord bi bi-discord Try
Dribbble bi bi-dribbble Try
Facebook bi bi-facebook Try
Git bi bi-git try
Github bi bi-github Try
Google bi bi-google Try
Instagram bi bi-instagram Try
Line bi bi-line try
Linkedin bi bi-linkedin Try
Mastodon bi bi-mastodon Try
Medium bi bi-medium Try
Messenger bi bi-messenger Try
Meta bi bi-meta Try
Microsoft bi bi-microsoft Try
nintendo-switch bi bi-nintendo-switch Try
Paypal bi bi-paypal Try
Pinterest bi bi-pinterest Try
Playstation bi bi-playstation Try
Quora bi bi-quora Try
Reddit bi bi-reddit Try
Signal bi bi-signal Try
Skype bi bi-skype Try
Slack bi bi-slack Try
Snapchat bi bi-snapchat Try
Spotify bi bi-spotify Try
Stackoverflow bi bi-stack-overflow Try
Steam bi bi-steam Try
Strava bi bi-strava Try
Telegram bi bi-telegram Try
Tiktok bi bi-tiktok Try
Twitch bi bi-twitch Try
Twitter bi bi-twitter Try
Vimeo bi bi-vimeo Try
Whatsapp bi bi-whatsapp Try
Windows bi bi-windows Try
Wordpress bi bi-worpress Try
Xbox bi bi-xbox Try
Youtbue bi bi-youtube Try