Bootstrap Icons has different Tools icons as seen below

It includes Building and generated related with square variation

We can use these icons to create a tools such as pen pencil, hammer,nut wrench and brush icons on websites. We can customize these icons using css styles based on our needs.

Bootstrap Tools icons List

Below table shows list of Tools icons list

Name  Class Name  Example

Paint Brush | bi bi-brush|Try| |

Paint Brush Fill| bi bi-brush-fill|Try| |

Paint Bucket| bi bi-bucket|Try| |

Paint Bucket Fill| bi bi-bucket-fill|Try| |

Settings Gear| bi bi-gear|Try| |

Settings Gear Fill| bi bi-gear-fill|Try| |

Settings Gear Wide| bi bi-gear-wide|Try| |

Settings Gear Wide Connected| bi bi-gear-wide-connected|Try| |

Hammer Tool| bi bi-hammer|Try| |

Nut| bi bi-nut|Try| |

Nut Fill| bi bi-nut-fill|Try| |

Ballpoint Pen| bi bi-pen|Try| |

Ballpoint Pen Fill| bi bi-pen-fill|Try| |

Pencil Write| bi bi-pencil|Try| |

Pencil Fill| bi bi-pencil-fill|Try| |

Pencil Square| bi bi-pencil-square|Try| |

Screwdriver| bi bi-screwdriver|Try| |

Tools| bi bi-tools|Try| |

Wrence| bi bi-wrench|Try|