Some editors such as Sublime or VSCode provide default behavior to open the files in a folder or directory tree view.

Notepad++ does not open the file’s default file tree view.

You can use it either with an open folder in a notepad or using the plugin.

  • Open the folder as a tree view One way, Select File menu > select Open Folder as workspace item, It opens the folder as a file tree view in the left side navigation.

Another way, you drag and drop the folder into the workspace.

Let’s see how we can use a plugin to open files in the tree view.

Notepad ++ project files tree view

Notepad++ provides an Explorer or LightExplorer plugin.

This tutorial explains how to install the Explorer plugin in Notepad++.

  • Plugins menu > Plugin Admin, It opens a pop-up window
  • type explorer in the search box and select the Explorer plugin as a given screenshot
  • Click on install

Notepad++  File tree view

  • It installs the Explorer plugin
  • Now, Go to Plugins > Explorer> Explorer (CTRL +ALT +Shift +E)
  • It opens side Files in a project as a tree view

Explorer plugin has other options.

  • Favorites (CTRL +ALT +Shift +V) You can save the files and folders to favorites for later viewing. It opens favorites files and folders in the tree view.
  • Go to the path. Navigate directly to the folder or file path to this
  • clear filters
  • Explorer Options(Check for Show Hidden files, Icons)