Editors provide text conversions from upper case to /from lower case.

Notepad++ provides inbuilt support for converting text to lowercase or uppercase.

This converts the coding files and text files.

How to convert text to upper or lowercase

The following are steps required to do the upper case.

  • Open Notepad++ editor
  • Select the file to open it
  • Select the text you want to convert. You can also use Ctrl + A
  • Right-click and it shows the following options as given in the screenshot

Notepad++  upper and lowercase conversion

  • Select UPPERCASE to convert to uppercase( you can also use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U)
  • Select lowercase to convert to small case(Ctrl + U for lowercase)

Shortcut command for upper and lower case:

Ctrl + ASelect the text
Ctrl + UConvert the selected text to lowercase
Ctrl + Shift + UConvert the selected text to uppercase