This tutorial explains how to add setters and getters for a variable in the Eclipse code editor.

Generate Setter and Getter for a variable of a class in Eclipse.

Following are steps to generate set and get methods of a class.

For example, the Java code editor is opened with the class

class Employee{
    private id Integer;

  • Next, Right click on the cursor located inside a class, It shows the context menu.
  • Select Source Context Menu Item
  • It popups sub-menu and select Generate Getters and Setters
  • It opens the window and selects the variables that you want to generate
  • It generates the following things
class Employee{
    private id Integer;

    public void setId(Integer id){;
    public Integer getId(){
        return id;


Shortcut key to generate Setter and getter in eclipse

In Windows, You can use the below command for both setter and getter.

  • Alt + Shift + S, Then press R
  • Next, Select a single or all variables to generate it

Another way

  • Alt + Shift + S, Then press R
  • (Or) Then press l, and click on the Ok button to generate only Setter
  • (Or) Then press g, and click on the Ok button to generate only Getter.

Eclipse setter and getter assign for key binding

Following are steps for assigning hotkeys to the Setter and Getter

  • Open Windows -> Preferences, Opens window
  • Select General tab -> Keys
  • Select Command as Generate Getters and Setters
  • In the binding value, Give CTRL +SHIFT +T as a new binding
  • Finally, Apply the button to save changes.