IDE contains an inbuilt feature to convert string from/to UPPER to lowercase.

In Eclipse, Opened source code file content can be converted to upper or lower case. This converts the coding files and text files.

How to convert String to upper or lower case

The following are steps required to do the upper or lower case.

  • Open Eclipse

  • Select the file to open it

  • Select the String you want to convert. You can also use Ctrl + A

  • Right-click and it shows the popup

  • Select Convert -> To Lower Case to convert to lower case

  • Select Convert -> To Upper Caseto convert to upper case

  • Convert item on popup has different case conversion features

    • Camel <-> Underscores: Convert camel cases to underscores
    • Camel <-> Pascal: Convert camel cases to Pascal case
    • Capitalize: Convert camel cases to underscores
    • Invert Case: Convert lower cases to upper, and upper to lower case

Notepad++  upper and lowercase conversion

Shortcut command for upper and lower case in Eclipse:

To Upper CaseCtrl + Alt + U
To Lower CaseCtrl + Alt + L
Invert CaseCtrl + Alt + I