Eclipse has a console output to print the debug and information logs of an application. It contains log information in the format specified in application log4j.

How to increase output console buffer capacity.

In Eclipse, the Default buffer size contains 80000 characters.

You can increase the buffer size of the output console with the below steps.

  • Windows Menu > Preferences, Window dialog shown.

  • Select Run/Debug > Console, It shows all the configuration options

  • You can do either one of the below

    Eclipse increase console output characters

    • uncheck the Limit console output option: It enables no limit on console output and it causes performance and memory issues if you have not cleared the console manually.
    • Another way is to increase the Console buffer size(characters) from 80000 to a bigger number.
  • Once configurations are done, click on the `Apply and Close button

Another way,

In the console window, Right-click on it Select Preferences It opens a window popup opened with selecting Run/Debug and Console, You can change the settings here also.