Breadcrumb in Eclipse displays the tree of elements displayed in the code editor.

Eclipse does not show breadcrumbs by default.

Eclipse Toggle Breadcrumb

There are multiple ways, we can enable, and disable Breadcrumb in Eclipse. The first way is to use the toolbar toggle breadcrumb icon.

  • Open Eclipse IDE
  • Select and open the file that you want to toggle breadcrumb
  • In the toolbar, click the icon that gives the tooltip toggle breadcrumb.

Eclipse Toggle breadcrumb

  • Clicking on it, shows breadcrumb on the code editor if it is disabled
  • It hides the breadcrumb if it is enabled.

Second-way using the command palette.

  • Use shortcut CTRL + 3 to open the command palette
  • It opens commands as described below

Eclipse disable breadcrumb

The third way, using the right-click context menu

  • right click on the code editor, It opens a context menu
  • Select the Show in Breadcrumb menu option or
    • use Alt + Shift + B in windows
    • command+ option+ B in MacOS
  • It shows the breadcrumb if it is hidden.