This tutorial shows how to show or hide the hidden files Atom Editor tree view.

It shows all files and folders of a project opened in the Atom tree view.

In Application, We have a list of the following hidden and dot(.) files in a project. .sass .git .npmrc .browserslistrc .editorconfig

It is shown in the left side Tree View when opened in Atom text editor.

How to hide hidden and dotfiles in Atom editor.

  • Go to File > Settings, It opens the Settings window
  • Select Packages tab
  • Type Tree View in the search box
  • Select and click on the Settings button
  • Check the following settings
    • Hide Ignored Names: It hides all .git inside a folder
    • Hide Vcs Ignored Files: hides .gitignore files inside a folder.

This hides .gitand .gitignore files.

if you want to hide custom dotfiles such as .browserslistrc, .npmrc files, and node_modules folder, Then follow the following steps

  • Open File > Settings, It opens the Settings window
  • Select the Core tab
  • In Ignored Name Input box, type .browserslistrc, .npmrc and node_modules separated by comma.
  • This input box accepts a list of files or folders.

How to show or hide files in atom sidebar configuration.

In the above, We have shown or hidden using GUI.

Now, We will see the configuration to show or hide files or folders in Atom.

  • Open File > Config > It opens config.cson file
  • update the following properties to true or false

Here are the configurations required for the tree-view package

 hideIgnoredNames: false
 hideVcsIgnoredFiles: false

Following configurations require for setting platform level.

ignoredNames: [
      ".git, .hg, .svn, .DS_Store, ._*, Thumbs.db, desktop.ini,node_modules,.browserslistrc,.npmrc"