Editors usually provide autosave on a file.

This saves the changes automatically once the editor lost focus on the file or the editor is closed and any file change.

VSCode and IDEA provide autosave the code by default.

This is an important tip for the developer must know working with Atom Editor.

How to autosave code in Atom Source Code editor?

There are multiple ways, we can do this by configuring settings.

First, Using the config file

In the application, create a folder .atom, create a file config. cson. Add the following configuration to enable autosave on change.

  enabled: true

The second way, use the autosave package.

Following are steps to install the package.

File > Settings > Packages Type “autosave” in the search package By default, it is not enabled once installed

You have to check to enable it in autosave >settings.