Key bindings are shortcut keys attached to editor features in Atom editor.

It is nothing but binding to atom editor features.

Atom provides key bindings by default and can customize using a keymap file.

How to view and change Key binding in Atom Editor?

You can also see actual default key binding by navigation to

  • File > Settings > Key bindings

You override with default key bindings with your bindings using the keymap file.


You can add the shortcut to this file as seen below.

‘atom-text-editor’: ‘shortcutkey’: ‘command’

the shortcut key is a key binding and combination of different keyboard keys

Command is atom Inbuilt commands such as editor:fold-all,editor:lower-case, editor:delete-line.

Key bindings and shortcuts to rearrange tabs in Atom

In Atom Editor, the User can move the current tab in a list to the right or left using drag and drop with the mouse.

You can also do it with shortcut keys as seen below.

Move tab to right :

  • Ctrl + Shift + ] in Windows
  • ⌘ + ] in MacOS

Move tab to left :

  • Ctrl + Shift + [ in Windows
  • ⌘ + [ in MacOS

It moves the tab by 1 tab.