What are the logical operators in Perl?

Logical operators are applies two operands and return a boolean value always.

It supports three operators in operators Logic And operator( and or &&) Logic OR operator( or or ||) Logic Not operator( not)

Perl Logical Operators

|Parameter | Symbol |Description |:——–| ————— | |Logical AND| and or&& |Both operands are true,return true,else false| |Logical OR|oror|||Both or One of the operands is true, return true, else false| |Logical NOT| Not `|Returns reverse of Operand value return true, else false|

Perl Logical Operators Examples

This is an example of a logical operator with code.

my $opearnd1 = true;
my  $operand2 = false;
## logical and
$operand1 && $operand2;  ## false
$operand1 and true;  ## true
$operand1 || $operand2);  ## true
$operand1 or true;  ## true

not ($operand1) # false
not ($operand2) # true

Perl Logical Operators Precedence

precedence applied to a group of conditional operators.

During execution, One of them takes the first execution then the others.

It always executes from left to right when there are multiple conditions.

my $opearnd1 = true;
my  $operand2 = false;
my  $operand3 = false;

$opearnd1 && $opearnd2 || $opearnd3 ## false

In the above,$opearnd1 && $opearnd2 evaluated and result is applied with or operator of $operand3, result is false