How to write comments in Perl language? Comments contain a description, explain single or multiple lines of a code

A developer can better understand the code by reading the comments. These are ignored at runtime.

In Perl, You can write a comment in different following ways.

  • Single-line comments
  • Multi-Line comments
  • Documentation commands

It is always good practice to add Comments to the below blocks or lines of code.

Perl Single line comments

Single-line or inline comments always contain a single line.

  • Comment line always starts with hash(#) symbol followed by comment text.
  • Comment text describes a single line of code.
  • These comments can be placed at the start at the beginning of the line but also can be written in the middle or end of the line. Syntax:
# This is single line comments in Perl Code



# Hello World application
print "Hello World application"

Perl Multi-line comments

Multi-line comments also called block comments, can be written in multiple lines.

Here is a way we can write a multi-line comment. Multi-line Comments always start with = and are followed by single or multiple lines and end with =cut

= multi-line comments 1
 multi-line comments 2
 multi-line comments 3

You can also write multi-line comments with single-line comment syntax as given below.

= multi-line comments
//multi-line comments 2
//multi-line comments 3

This allows you to write multiple lines of code and be ignored by the compiler.

Block level comments in Perl Example:

= Hello world sample program
 Basic program to print hello world to console
 First code to write in Perl programming language

    print "Hello World app" ;