Perl code is a set of statements in a text file.

The basic editor provides to create, edit, and save the files. There are extra features that are easy to debug and syntax color and auto suggest, code format features that are provided by IDE.

The basic editor should have the following features

  • Edit, save, Update code in perl files
  • Syntax color and highlight
  • Auto Content Suggest
  • Syntax errors
  • Code Format
  • Debugging code with breakpoints, step in/over/
  • Easy to search code functions

Editor and IDE for Perl

There are a lot of editors who support for Perl.

  • Eclipse: EPIC is an open-source Perl IDE based on the Eclipse platform. It supports Windows, MacOS and Linux, Unix.
  • IntelliJ IDE: It supports via plugins called camelcade
  • Notepad++
  • Open Perl IDE
  • Visual Perl: .net plugin for Visual Studio

Which IDE is used for Perl?

Eclipse is an opensource editor used for debugging and syntax type checking. It also provides syntax error colors.

Can Perl run Visual Studio?

Visual Studio Code Supports Per through extensions. It has Perl Language Service that you can install and enable to have support for debugging and format support.