Like every programming language, Perl has a for loop to iterate an array, list, or hash of elements.

Perl for loop

initialization : variable is initialized and sets initial value Condition: Perl condition that evaluates true and false. It is used to test whether the loop continues or exits. increment/decrement: updated variable value by add/subtract Syntax:

for( initialization; condition;increment/decrement){
    //code statements body

here is an example that prints the number from 1 to 10 times.

for ($number = 1; $number <= 10; $number++) {
    print "$number\n";

Another way to use the range operator(…), it iterate and run the program for range length times.


for (1..10) { # Really a foreach loop from 1 to 10

Here is an example infinite loop in Perl.

    print "Infinite Loop";