IntelliJ IDEA code completion feature that quickly sees methods and classes as well as Java documentation.

This tutorial talks about multiple ways to view the Javadoc tooltip for a method in an editor.

How to view Javadoc tooltip in Intelli IDEA

Please follow the following steps.

  • Go to File > Settings or use shortcut command Ctrl + Alt + S to open Settings Window
  • Select Editor > General > Code Competition
  • Check the Show the documentation popup in 1000 ms option as given below

Intellij Idea show mouse over Javadoc popup

  • Click the Apply button and OK to close the window
  • Mouse over the method in the code editor
  • It shows a documentation popup

Let’s see How we can see documentation popups using the shortcut command.

  • Select the method in the code editor
  • use Ctrl + Q to open javadoc popup

The above approaches work in the latest IntelliJ IDEA.