This post shows two ways to locate the selected opened file in the project structure of an IntelliJ IDEA Editor.

The first way is using the option in GUI and the second way uses the shortcut command in Windows and macOS.

How to open the location of the current file opened in IntelliJ IDEA?

Multiple ways are shown to Convert from the open location of the current file opened in the Intelli IDEA editor. First, using GUI(Graphical User Interface):

  • Open Intelli IDEA

  • In The project toolbar, right-click on the gear icon, It shows the below screenshot.

  • Select and check the Always Select Opened File options.

  • It selects file location in the project tree always for opened files in the Code editor. Sublime text Convert selected text to the upper or lower case

The second way, using a crosshair icon as per the above diagram.

Third way using, Find Action.

  • Select the Help Menu + Find Actions or use the below shortcut commands.
    • Windows: hotkeys: Ctrl + Shift + A
    • Mac: shortcuts: + Shift + A
  • It opens the Find Actions Window and type Select in Project View in the search box and select it.
  • It opens the location in the project window tree

Finally, using Short cut to locate

Upper and lower Case toggle shortcut commands:

  • Windows: hotkeys: Alt + F1, then select 1
  • Mac: shortcuts: FN + Option + F1