Sometimes, You want to open the last closed tab after IntelliJ IDE is reopened.

For example, You are opening and it opens in a Tab with the editor and opens another file in another tab and closes this tab. Now current active tab is

Next, Close the Intelli IDEA editor and open it again, It should open the editor in the tab with the file instead of the random tab.

How to show the active tab as a current tab in the opened Intelli IDEA

Please follow the following steps

  • Go to File > Settings or Ctrl + Alt + S to open Settings Window
  • Select Editor > General > Editor Tabs
  • Choose the Most recently Opened tab option for When the tab is closed, activate: as given below

Intellij Idea Open last active return to tab

  • Click the Apply button
  • Close the Intelli Ide editor
  • Open Intelli IDE editor
  • It shows an active tab

Let’s see Some of the shortcuts on Tab Operations.

IntelliJ tab shortcuts

Next tab and previous tab - Ctrl + ALT + Left or Right Arrow key

Last Edit Tab: Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Key Recent Files Opened tabs: Ctrl + E