This tutorials shows multiple examples on javadoc in IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ show JavaDocs tooltip on mouse over

In Eclipse, if you mouse hover an method or class or a variable, tooltip with javadoc information is displayed. In IntelliJ, It does not show automatically with mouse over.

There are two ways to enable quick documentation.

  • Open Settings window
  • Select Editors -> Code Editing -> Quick Documentation -> Show Quick Documentation on mouse move option.

You can check checkbox to show popup window.

You can also use shortcuts below

  • Move mouse cursor to method,classes and variables
  • Use Ctrl + Q to show Javadoc popup, use Ctrl + J on MacOS.

Second way, Go to Settings -> Editor -> Code Complete -> Autopopup Documentation

Third way, using file

Add or update the below property in file

Restart Intelli IDEA to start server.

Render Javados on Editor

  • Use shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S or Go to Settings -> preferences
  • Editor -> General -> Appearance ->Enable Render Documents Comments
  • It opens two views for documentation comments
  • Regular View or Rendered View

Generate javadoc for methods and classes in IntelliJ

  • Go to Find Actions Menu( use Ctrl + Shift + A)
  • Generate Javadoc action
  • It opens and generates with default template stub

Configure Javadoc template in IntelliJ IDEA

  • Go to File -> Settings -> LiveTemplate
  • Add new template
  • Select setter or getter Abbrevation
  • Change template text to new template text
  • Applicable in Java: declaration.